About Us

Our Mission:
To improve lives and build community by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action.

Our Statement of Values:

  • Demonstrate trust, integrity, respect, inclusivity and transparency;
  • Energize and inspire volunteerism and volunteer leadership;
  • Endorse innovation, partnerships and collective action;
  • Provide non-partisan leadership;
  • Embrace diversity.

Portage Plains United Way works to create opportunities for everyone by engaging people from all walks of life and inspiring action to help build a better community. It is based on the simple belief that we are stronger together and have a bigger impact than we ever could alone.

Through an effective annual fundraising campaign, Portage Plains United Way maximizes available financial resources to enable our funded nonprofit organizations to improve our community’s quality of life. Through the use of volunteers from the Board of Directors and community members Portage Plains United Way distributes funds to meet current and ever changing human care needs within our community.

Portage Plains United Way fundraising campaign raises enough funds to provide support to 11 different nonprofit organization in the Portage Plains catchment area.

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What the United Way Logo Represents:
full1You’ve seen this symbol on United Way posters and publications, but do you know the symbol’s very simple, yet universal message?
cover1A rainbow springs from the helping hand, representing the hope of improved lives and stronger communities made possible through United Way.
man1The person in the center represents the giver of help – the donor, the volunteer, as well as the person who receives much needed services.
hand1The helping hand at the bottom showing that everyone is supported and uplifted through United Way efforts, cradles the image in the center, based on the universal symbol of humankind.
These three simple figures–the helping hand symbol – represent the sum total of United Way mission – to improve lives and build community by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action.

Portage Plains United Way supports individuals nonprofit organizations and their programs and services in the circled communities and areas in between.

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